XCool Window Tinting

A range of exciting automotive window film in modern colors and shades that match the latest factory tints adding a stylish, sophisticated look to your car. XCool provides high tech metalized and sputtered metal automotive films for vehicles with total solar energy rejection up to 60% that will reduce the strain on your car air conditioner. The 99%+ UV block will prevent damage from harmful radiation while ensuring that the fabrics and trim do not fade. XCool has a special spectrally selective windscreen film which reduces heat, UV and glare while being non-interfering with GPS signals.

AW Rostamani

XCool films provide excellent optical clarity while reducing glare by day or night. The five year warranty covers peeling, cracking, de-lamination, de-metallization and fading.

Special Features of XCool by XDS premium automotive films

  • Complete range of metalized, sputtered and spectral selective products
  • Better solar heat rejection and UV protection than competition
  • High VLT windscreen films with excellent heat rejection
  • 100% Genuine USA product
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Competitively priced

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